Andy Burrows Featured on the Strength in The Numbers Show

By Andy Burrows

[First published 8th February 2018]

When Andrew Codd asked me if I'd be a guest on his new podcast, The Strength in the Numbers Show, I was excited.

I connected with Andrew on LinkedIn quite soon after starting Supercharged Finance, late in 2016. He and Anders Liu-Lindberg seemed to be having some good online discussions about Finance business partnering, which I’d already written about. And Andrew had recently published his book about the subject, The Audacious Finance Partner.

I was partly excited because I’ve never been interviewed before, except for jobs!

Networking Backwards

But the main reason for my excitement is that I’m getting a real buzz out of the connections I’ve made through Supercharged Finance.

Before the end of 2016, I was one of those who wouldn’t connect with people on LinkedIn unless I’d at least spoken to them. I’d reject random connection requests from people, or at least be suspicious, especially of recruitment consultants!

But in deciding to use LinkedIn as an avenue to grow Supercharged Finance, I realised that LinkedIn is virtual networking. It’s equivalent to walking in to a networking breakfast meeting and talking to anyone in the room. So, I did just that on LinkedIn – walked in and started talking to people (virtually), and then connecting with people who seemed to have common interests.

The real buzz I get is when those virtual connections become real connections – when I speak to them or meet them. I’m so used to meeting people and then connecting with them, it’s actually pretty cool to go the other way – connect and then speak/meet.

And the amazing thing for me is that that’s happened with people I’ve considered as “thought leaders” in Finance, people I’ve seen writing about Finance and challenging people’s thinking.

For some reason, I hate to think of myself as a “thought leader”. I only think of myself as sharing some applications from my experiences, and some reflections in Finance and Accounting.

So, it’s been fantastic to speak with people around the world who I’ve met online – James O’Brien, Brad Eisenhuth, Andrew Jepson, Andrew Codd, to name a few – and to compare notes and share experiences.

And very soon, I’ll be attending the Future of Finance 2018 conference in London, and will meet up with Anders Liu-Lindberg and Chris Argent.

And all this came about through blogging and interacting consistently on LinkedIn, sharing thoughts and entering discussions.

The Strength in The Numbers Show

And so, Andrew Codd’s podcast, The Strength in the Numbers Show, is filling a need. There is definitely a niche there for the kind of podcast he’s developed. Because through it, in a sense, you too can have that experience of hearing the person behind the words on the internet or in the books.

He introduces you to people who can help you through sharing their experiences, people you may have seen online and enjoyed their writing. And it’s great to hear them talk about themselves, what makes them do what they do, their passion for the ideas they’re sharing.

I enjoyed the ones I’ve listened to (and I haven’t managed to catch up with them all).

And I enjoyed talking with Andrew and doing the interview for the show.

We discovered that, even though he’s clearly and audibly Irish, Andrew actually was brought up in the same Hampshire town in England where I’ve lived the last 25 years and where I met my wife. (I actually also discovered Andrew Jepson, from Australia, also lived nearby for a while!)

And we talked about all the things that I’ve been writing about, that I’m really passionate about – purpose-driven Finance, Finance driving business performance, etc. I shared what I thought were some good books to read. And we covered topics such as the tell-tale signs that we have the wrong KPIs in the business.

But the main thing you will probably find interesting, though, is how that weaves into the story of my career. How have my experiences led me to writing the way that a write, sharing what I share, and doing what I’m doing?

That’s what I find so interesting about all the people Andrew has interviewed on the show. I find I can’t stop listening, because the stories are so compelling.

So, do consider listening to my interview, and subscribing to the Strength in the Numbers podcast. I listen to it in the car on the way home from work sometimes. It’s only about 30 mins long. I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of it. 

And if you want to learn more about how Finance can drive business performance, which I talk about in the interview, why not have a look at my FREE white paper, How Finance Can Drive Business Performance?

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