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Looking for Details of The CFO.University Coaching Program (Provided by Supercharged Finance)?
For the CFO or Senior Finance Leader Who Wants to KEEP GROWING to Maintain Their Success


Are You Ready To Take The Faster Route

To Being The Confident Business Leader

Your CEO Needs You To Be?


Keep moving forward with CFO.University’s flexible, tailored and focused personal coaching program with a former Finance Director who knows Finance inside out

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When you get to senior management and executive level, coaching is often the most effective option for sustaining your growth and development

Is Our Coaching For You?


You’re a great fit for our coaching if:

  • You’re a newly appointed CFO/FD who feels nervous about the step up you’ve just made. You don’t want to mess it up, but you don’t exactly know how to prioritise your development to get confident quickly.
  • You’re a CFO/FD and you know you have some shortcomings (that’s what you’d call them! I’d call them “areas for development”). But what you don’t know is how to fix them or where to start.
  • You’re a CFO/FD who doesn’t want to stagnate. You never want to rest on your laurels. You know the value of “sharpening the saw” and staying fresh and on top of your game. But where’s the right place to focus?
  • OR you’re a senior Finance leader who feels almost ready for a CFO role, but not quite. You feel pleased with your career so far, and you don’t want to trip up when you’re so close to your goal of making it to the top of Finance.


Why Is Personal Coaching What You Need?


  • It’s a development program that is tailored to your exact needs right now, NOT a bunch of courses with some useful bits for you to learn from
  • It’s a program with flexible length and timing to suit your schedule and development needs, which means you never have to worry about learning opportunities passing you by
  • It’s a program that focuses on your identified development areas, so that you can grow more quickly and gain confidence
  • It’s with a coach who knows Finance, and knows leadership, who is probably already familiar with the challenges you face
  • It’s a confidential supportive relationship, so that you don’t have to do this alone
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Let's Boil It Down


Ultimately, you go for coaching rather than courses in order to take the quicker, more direct route to:

... being calm and confident, “owning” your senior role;

... saying ’goodbye’ to imposter syndrome, instead believing in yourself as a business leader;

... regaining your balance, reconnecting with your family, because you don’t have to work long hours to prove yourself any more;

... avoiding burnout and stress;

... meeting all the varied challenges of the CFO role with relish rather than terror!

The CFO.University Coaching Program (run by Supercharged Finance):


  • Your chosen number (one, three or six) of 1-hour+ confidential 1-2-1 online coaching sessions with Andy Burrows
  • Access to Andy by email, phone and WhatsApp for quick questions outside the coaching sessions
  • A secure, confidential, online portal for scheduling sessions, as well as storing and exchanging notes, call recordings and other resources


In the first session, we use a small number of assessments to identify your Professional Development Plan. The assessments can include self-assessment questionnaires and 360-degree feedback, depending on what we agree will help the most.

Subsequent sessions are tailored to discussing progress against the PDP and helping you to quickly implement the new skills, habits and behaviours you need.

About Andy Burrows

Andy Burrows is a chartered accountant in England, and a former Finance Director, with more than 25 years of experience in senior roles in the Finance function in a variety of businesses and sectors.

He’s an experienced leader with a coaching style.

Recently, he’s become well-known for insightful articles and webinars, and founded Supercharged Finance to provide online training and coaching to help Finance professionals get more intentional about adding value to the businesses they work for.

About CFO.University

CFO.University is an online education organisation, dedicated to providing the tools, skills training and coaching that CFOs need to develop, grow and excel in this important business leadership role.

Supercharged Finance and CFO.University have collaborated in a number of areas to date. In particular, Andy has provided thought leadership articles for the CFO.University community and has spoken at the Finance Innovation and Excellence Virtual Summit. Andy also now provides one-to-one coaching services through the CFO.University Coaching Program.

The Important Details

What Do You Get?

  • Specified number of 1-hour+ online (Zoom) coaching sessions with Andy Burrows
  • Access to Andy in between sessions, via email, phone and WhatsApp
  • Access to a coaching portal on the Supercharged Finance website, which will serve as a hub for scheduling sessions, storing coaching call recordings, keeping notes and sharing resources

For new clients, there is a one-off discount of US$250 / ÂŁ200 off the first session.

How Much is The Investment?


Pay in full upfront

Pay monthly

1 session

US$1,000 / ÂŁ850

US$1,000 / ÂŁ850

3 session package

US$2,500 / ÂŁ2,125

3 monthly instalments of US$1,000 / ÂŁ850

6 session package

US$5,000 / ÂŁ4,250

6 monthly instalments of US$1,000 / ÂŁ850

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Important Note

Places in the coaching program are limited, due to capacity constraints.

During any periods where we are unable to take on new coaching clients, you will be given the opportunity to join a waiting list. Then we’ll be able to contact you when spaces become available. This will be shared with CFO.University, in case they have another coach available sooner.

Next Steps


Schedule a Discovery Call

If coaching from CFO.University and Supercharged Finance is something that you’d be seriously interested in, ...

... please click the button to schedule a no-obligation “Discovery Call”.

The Discovery Call is firstly our chance to get to know each other, and to decide together whether the coaching program is the right fit for you.

If we decide it’s the right thing for you, and you want to come on board the program, we then discuss the package and payment options.

Your place in the coaching program is not secured until payment has been made.


Card payment

Payments are accepted on all major debit and credit cards.


Employer Funding

It is fairly common for employers to fund coaching for their senior executives. If this is the case for you, please mention it during the Discovery Call. It would be useful if you obtained approval before the call, as well as finding out any purchasing rules you must adhere to (e.g. payment method).

To download a pdf brochure to share with your employer when seeking their approval, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW!


What If?

Now, you may be thinking,...

What if things don’t work out?

What if things happen and you can’t (or don’t want to) continue with coaching?

Just let us know, and we’ll give you a pro-rata refund for any unused coaching sessions.

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