The one risk you should always take as a Finance professional

By Andy Burrows

Do we want risk takers in Finance? Does that conjure up positive or negative images in your mind?

I once asked my Supercharged Finance newsletter subscribers to tell me about problems and issues they had in Finance. One FP&A Director wrote back to me saying that one of his frustrations was that his team was reluctant to take risks.

And, before you get worried, I'm not supporting taking unnecessary risks with company funds! Business risk and risk management is another story. 

But in a very big sense, I believe we do need people in Finance who are willing to actually take risks personally.

But what risks do we want our Finance people to take? And what are the benefits of developing risk takers in Finance? And how do you develop that culture?

Being outside our comfort zone is often not a risk at all

What we’re really thinking about is being willing to be outside our comfort zone.

The downside risk is that we’ll make mistakes, we’ll...

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