The skills you need to leverage your effectiveness in building your Finance career

To grow and develop in your career in Finance, there are certain skills and behaviours you can learn that enable you to maximise your effectiveness.

An Introduction to Personal Effectiveness for CFOs and Finance Professionals by Andy Burrows outlines those skills and behaviours so that you can get on with your development journey.

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An Introduction to Personal Effectiveness for CFOs and Finance Professionals

Core Soft Skills and How to Develop Them

By Andy Burrows

Eight foundational skills and behaviours that are critical for CFOs, senior Finance leaders, and indeed anyone who wants to be more effective as a business-focused Finance professional.

Business-focused Finance professionals, from Finance business partners to CFOs, need to develop under three headings - Business Acumen, Behavioural and Tools/Techniques.

These eight elements of "personal effectiveness" are foundational under the Behavioural heading, but enable you to leverage your skills and abilities to flourish in whatever you do.

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Lead Yourself

Have a can-do attitude

Set destination and direction

Choose important over urgent

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Influence Others

Build effective relationships

Use real listening skills

Have a win/win mindset

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Level Up and Renew

Deliver 1+1 = 1,000!

Grow consistently

Grow continuously

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