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They say that those who write down their goals and intentions are much more likely to achieve them. 

This free 21-page action planner guides you through a framework of questions designed to help you generate a next steps plan for your career in Finance that will propel you along your way!

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How's Your Business Acumen?

Questions to help you identify gaps to address in the business acumen you need to progress into senior Finance leadership

How Good Are Your Behavioural Skills?

Questions to highlight the gaps in the essential personal and interpersonal effectiveness, and communication, skills you need to develop

Is Your Toolkit Right?

Questions to help guide you to tools and techniques you can learn that help you to help the business, and help you to learn more about the business

Increasing Your Likelihood of Promotion

Based on five "promotion triggers", questions that help you select job moves and create the right mindset to improve your chances of promotion