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Introducing Andy Burrows

Andy is the founder of Supercharged Finance. In fact, at the moment, he is everything at Supercharged Finance!

The picture opposite was taken at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan, Italy, where Andy was the opening keynote speaker at the CFO Summit 2018. 

But it was a long and varied journey to get there!

Qualifying as a chartered accountant in the UK in 1995, moving from a public practice audit firm into big business Finance, becoming a Finance Director at the age of only 29, then having a varied career in sectors as diverse as energy, professional services and software, working as a project manager, delivering change into Finance, and then...

... setting up his own website and business, called Supercharged Finance.

Personal, Online, Learning

Learn from the comfort of... wherever you have wifi!

Learning about Finance - boosting your skills to help your Finance function to boost your business - doesn't have to be in a classroom. You don't have to take a day out of the office. Do this online training at home, at your desk, and at your own pace.

It's more efficient too!

Great feedback

And since starting Supercharged Finance in September 2016, we've had some great feedback on the content and material we've developed:

One person commented:

"Thank you again and again and again for the valuable content you are providing!”

Another said, ""Fantastic video. There's so much reliance on Finance and having tools such as this one makes it a lot easier for the professional.”

Add that to almost 40 glowing recommendations on Andy's LinkedIn profile, including a personal favourite: "If Carlsberg made Finance Directors..." ...

Popular on LinkedIn

Naming Andy as one of the top Finance people to follow on LinkedIn in 2018, Anders Liu-Lindberg said, "you’d be missing out if you didn’t pay attention to what Andy is doing.”

Finance podcaster, Andy Codd, also interviewed Andy on the Strength in the Numbers Show.

Andy is also now a contributing writer and expert on Chris Argent's GenerationCFO websiteas well as the Business Partnering Institute website

Expanding Influence

But it doesn't just stop there.

Andy has guest-hosted webinars for Fiscal Technologies and for AICPA-CIMA. The latter (see picture opposite) was viewed by more than 500 people and can still be found on CIMA's YouTube channel

He's also been invited to speak, not just in Milan, but at two UK conferences as well.

Where to Start

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Action Guide to Plan for a CFO Career

Our most popular article, which includes a link to get a free companion workbook.

Many people ask the question, "what should I do to get into a CFO role?" 

This article gives some useful tips that are easy to implement.

Take me to the tips!

There's free stuff on the FREE Stuff page!

If you're looking for freebies, head over to the FREE Stuff page! Examples below...

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