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From the desk of: Andy Burrows BSc ACA BFP, Finance professional coach and trainer

If you work in a Finance department in a business, you will no doubt have heard many thought leaders and experienced Finance people talking about the critical need for


Communicate better...

Influence more...

Be a leader...

I’m guessing that you wouldn’t be on this page if you weren’t thinking about how you can improve in those areas? But you may be wondering...

Is it really that important?

Why is it that people like me (with 25+ years working in Finance) will tell you that these are the skills that will make the difference in the long run in your Finance career?

And why is it helpful to start your development in these skills as early as you can?

Well, like it or not, you need to work with people.

That’s the thing. Your job, whether you call yourself an accountant or a Finance professional, doesn’t just involve numbers.

Numbers don’t exist in a vacuum. We deal with them for a purpose. We report them for a purpose. We analyse them for a purpose. And those purposes come from people. People with different perspectives, motivations, aspirations, different skills and experiences.

As I often say,...

“Finance is about people

NOT just numbers!”

But people can give you headaches!

Chances are, if you’re anything like me, at times, you wonder about your relationships with your colleagues in other departments. Maybe you don’t clash with them, as such. Maybe you just get the feeling you don’t see eye to eye?

And it’s not just other parts of the business. Your own Finance team can be difficult too. And your boss!

From my own experience, I’d say that the most difficult challenges I’ve faced in my 25-year career in Finance have not been technical. They’ve related to explaining things to people, getting buy-in from people, persuading people, and leading people through uncertain and difficult times.

Add to that, one of the most common things I hear is that Finance professionals are desperate to have influence in the business, to have ‘a seat at the table’, to ‘be involved in strategic decisions’.

And I agree with that desire! It’s not enough to process information, or even to provide insight.

For your insights to have impact...

you need influence!

The trouble is, if you don’t get that involvement and influence – if we believe in our ability to add value through our business understanding...

The business may underperform...

You may not progress as well in your career...

And, you risk being stuck as the underappreciated number-cruncher and report-generator.


if you want to have more INFLUENCE and IMPACT

in your business


if you want to progress into Finance leadership...


... you need to learn and develop

the personal and interpersonal skills

that give you influence and leadership ability

  • How to get a reputation as someone who gets important things done, consistently, week after week
  • How to build great relationships and really connect with people
  • How to gain influence, where colleagues ask for your help and listen to your insight
  • How to display leadership without needing a team
  • How to build your confidence and avoid burnout

About Andy's training and coaching

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“... great motivator for me in my day-to-day work...” – Marie Forde, My Finance Coach member

See what’s in store for you when you enrol

Each module in The Foundations of Influence and Leadership contains short video lessons, which are supported by worksheets containing exercises, checklists and templates. These worksheets (more than 20 altogether) have been created with your transformation in mind. As I like to say, I don’t just want to fill your head. I want to change your life!

The idea is to start with the introduction and the ‘pre-learning’ worksheets. Then run through the training videos, and follow that with doing the supporting exercises that go with the training.

So, what are we going to be working on together?

Six Performance and Profile Building Steps

  1. Build confidence
  2. Build effectiveness
  3. Build trust
  4. Influence!
  5. Lead!
  6. Build yourself up and grow

Starting with:

Step 1

Building confidence: Discover the psychological secrets that put you on the starting blocks of high performance

To influence others, you have to start by impressing them. Focus on the right things, and get them done.

But to get the level of discipline and self-control required for high performance, you need to get to grips with what goes on in your own head.

So, in this module, we’ll help you gain confidence as you work on your own mentality and psychology, and learn how to be proactive, battle barriers and blocks, and to overcome fears and limiting beliefs.

  • A powerful way of analysing any situation in order to focus on the most effective response.
  • How to build a growth mindset, where you discover you can always do more than you think.
  • A simple process to get yourself unstuck when you find yourself procrastinating, or gripped by inexplicable fears.
  • ... AND MORE!

By the end of the module you’ll feel more confident and be able to work through any situation you find yourself in.

Then we’ll knuckle down and talk about...

Think about the people who influence you the most. I think you’ll agree that they are almost always the high performers. But what makes you a high performer?

It comes down to effectiveness. And effectiveness comes down to persevering to get things done. But not just any things. It’s getting the right things done.

So, in this module, we’ll teach you how to get clarity on what the right things are to focus on, and how to ensure you prioritise working on them week in, week out. The concepts are straightforward, but only a few people actually put them into practice. But they make a HUGE difference when you do!

  • How to be clear about the most important priorities every day.
  • The 30-minute activity you can do every week to guarantee progress towards your high value goals.
  • ... AND MORE!

By the end of this module, you’ll have a personal mission, and a set of goals, objectives and priorities. And you’ll have the practical tools to make sure that you get the most important things done, week after week after week!

Step 2


Building effectiveness: The simple practicalities of high performance

After that, we’re ready for ...

Step 3


Building trust: How to lay the foundations for relationships that reap rewards

Achieving results in business almost always involves working with other people. And that work is so much easier and more productive when there is trust.

Getting results through high performance is only one element of building trust. There are three others. These four things work together to make you trustworthy. And then there are practical actions you can take to demonstrate your trustworthiness to others.

But it’s not all one way. How do you find out if other people are trustworthy? How can you still build trust when you’re not sure about another person?

So, in this module, we’ll look at how to build your personal credibility (trustworthiness), how to build trust with other people, and how to trust others without taking unnecessary risks.


  • The four practical elements of personal credibility, and how you can strengthen them.
  • Thirteen actions and activities that make people want to trust you, and the other things that reduce their trust.
  • How to take a risk-based approach to trusting others.
  • ... AND MORE!

By the end of the module, you’ll have practical action plans for building trust with anyone, including your key stakeholders and colleagues in your business.

And then we need to look at...

Finance people desperately want to influence decisions in the business. Once you’ve built trust, however, you still still need to communicate.

And there are two sides to the communication equation – your message (what you say and how you say it) and how it is received (what impact does it have).

So, in this module, you’ll learn to listen well, and how to use what you’ve heard to deliver your message in the right way. You’ll also learn the right mindset to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone.


  • The forgotten skill of listening... for the right things and for the right reasons.
  • How the right mindset can multiply the results of any collaboration.
  • Two simple principles that make you more effective and impressive every time you communicate.
  • ... AND MORE!

By the end of this module, you’ll be communicating and relating to people with freshness and clarity... and influence!

Step 4


Gaining influence: What you can do to empower both sides of the communication equation

Then we’ll take a look at...

Step 5


Becoming a leader... even before you have a team: How to help others for the common good

Leadership skills are essential for senior roles. Without leadership skills, you’ll end up with an underperforming, misaligned Finance team, high rates of staff turnover, and low motivation. And all that adds up to you being overworked and stressed, feeling that everything is working against you.

But how do you get the leadership skills you need without having a team to practice with? In truth, being a leader is not just about being ‘in charge’. It’s about having people follow your vision, your values, your insight and direction.

So, in this module, we’ll unpack the basic foundations of great leadership – including how to start being a leader even when you don’t have a team, and how to empower people and give them vision and direction.


  • How to be a good leader, even if you don’t feel like a natural
  • How to delegate effectively
  • How to make your Finance team’s performance more than the sum of the parts
  • ... AND MORE!

Once you’ve been through this module you’ll be well on your way to having people inspired by your vision, wanting to follow you, and motivated to go with you, as you clearly outline how Finance can move the business forward.

And finally, because you are your most important asset, we’ll look at...

This isn’t just an afterthought. It’s really important!

And it’s all about holistic energy management. Not just physical energy. Mental toughness, focus and concentration. Motivation and emotional stability.

Tiredness is one thing. But burnout, depression, lack of motivation, and disconnection, are all things that you can train yourself to avoid, so that you can consistently perform at your best.

So, in this module, we’ll use insights gained from analysis of elite athletes and their coaches. We’ll look at what holistic means, and how to manage energy day by day to that you not only keep going, but keep growing.


  • The principles of managing your energy for performance and growth.
  • The four dimensions of human nature.
  • How to build energy and engagement in every area of your life.
  • ... AND MORE!

By the end of this module, you’ll have new insights to help you build life-improving habits. Habits that will keep you going, and keep you growing.

Step 6


Self-care: How to keep going, keeping growing, and avoid burnout

How much is it worth to take your influence in the business to the NEXT LEVEL?

You may be really ambitious and have aspirations to be a CFO.

To get there, you need the effectiveness, influence and leadership skills that I’m teaching in this course!

On the other hand, I spoke to a Finance professional recently, a Finance Business Partner, who said that all he really wanted in his career was to go to work, feel like he’d had great discussions with his non-Finance colleagues, and collaboratively come to great business decisions.

THAT is also what I’m trying to enable in this course.

These are the skills that will set you apart from the Finance professionals who are ‘just accountants’ or ‘just analysts’.

AND the great thing is, it’s not just your work and career that will benefit...

... what you will learn in The Foundations of Influence and Leadership will help you in the whole of your life!

Better balance, more satisfaction and contentment, and better relationships.

Sure, reading a book would be much cheaper! But how many books have you read where you actually put into practice what you learnt? It’s unusual.

Wouldn’t you rather be taken step by step through the development you need, with practical exercises to help you, and with support from me and my team (not to mention the whole Supercharged Finance Student Community) on hand?

When I learnt some of the things I’m teaching in The Foundations of Influence and Leadership, I was on a corporate sponsored Leadership Development Program. That was a 3-day residential course for senior leaders that cost the company over $4,000 (equivalent) per attendee. And I’ve referred to it many times as one of the most influential (pardon the pun) training programs in my life.

I want to make The Foundations of Influence and Leadership accessible to a wider audience, because I believe we need to be developing the skills much earlier than when/if we get to senior leadership. And these skills are critical for Finance in the modern day.



you can get going straight away with

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  • Six monthly group support calls ($600 value)
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The Foundations of Influence and Leadership for Finance Professionals


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I know full well that this is a tough sell. For one thing, you can easily just click off this page and convince yourself that you will come back another time.

You can ‘give it some more thought’... and before you know it, months have gone by and you’re still no closer to growing your effectiveness, influence and leadership.

So, why not resist that procrastinating urge, and make today the day when you take the first step to becoming a high performing, trust-building leader?

ENROL NOW, and get going on the journey!

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