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from Supercharged Finance

The Influential Finance Manager

Hosted by Andy Burrows, experienced senior Finance leader

Free 30-min (approx) training on four ingredients that boost your influence and impact as a business-focused Finance professional, followed by Q&A

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Why attend this webinar?

Because as a Finance professional you need influence

  • the Finance function is about people more than numbers (numbers don't argue back or ignore your emails)!
  • producing the reports and the analysis is pointless if it doesn't lead to action - influencing action makes all your work meaningful

And it is possible to learn how to influence without manipulative tricks or techniques.

This is a brand new LIVE webinar for Finance professionals from well-known presenter, Andy Burrows.

Don't struggle on feeling like the outsider in the business, while your valuable insights go unheeded.

COME ALONG and get inspiration to boost your impact in the business as a Finance professional

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