Career coaching and more for finance professionals

My Finance Coach is a members-only coaching group led by experienced Finance leader, Andy Burrows.

We open the group for new enrolments every few months. At the moment we're not enrolling new members.

You can leave your details here to make sure you get news of when we're next open.


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What is My Finance Coach?

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From accountant to CFO

My Finance Coach is designed to guide, coach and support you as you build on your accounting qualification, all the way through to the skills and behaviours needed to be a great CFO

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Broad training

Training material covering the business acumen, the behavioural skills and tools/techniques you need as you progress in your career as a business-focused Finance professional

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Live coaching

Live and interactive online workshops, group coaching sessions and webinars, all aimed at providing you with opportunities to practice and hone your skills in business-focused Finance and Finance leadership

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