You CAN add value as a Finance professional...

The question is HOW?

Find out with Andy Burrows in our online course: 

Drive! - How to drive business value as a Finance professional

Finance leaders, qualified accountants and analysts...

Value creation in Finance is not just a dream!

What the heck is meant by “Finance adding value”? We keep being told we have to do it, but no one says how?
Drive! shows you how!

Do straplines and slogans like, “Finance drives business performance” mean anything real? And if so, what?

Drive! shows you what it means and that it is, in fact, true!

Wouldn’t the business resent us meddling outside the back office?
Drive! shows you they actually want to see us outside the back office, supporting and helping them rather than just reporting the end results.

Confused about value creation in Finance?

  • Simply being told to “get up from your desk and spend more time with the business”, or “stop hiding behind spreadsheets” can be confusing...
  • What are we supposed to do with the time we spend with the business? What's wrong with just giving our business colleagues the spreadsheets they ask for?
  • A where do we get the time anyway? We’re too busy forecasting, budgeting and analysing, to do vague things like "adding value"?
  • And how does this relate to Finance business partnering?
  • Isn't the continual talk of “adding value” just a way of making Finance sound sexier than it really is?

Introducing: Drive!

An online course from popular Finance thinker, Andy Burrows

In the Drive! course, we show the substance behind the concepts of “adding value” and “driving business performance", and show how the Finance function can be performance-driving and value-adding.

It’s not just simply telling Finance that we “have to move into the future”, or that we have to be "more than just accountants"!

We'll talk about the specific principles that underpin the “value-adding” role of Finance - it's all about helping the business to manage performance.

We'll describe a business performance management framework to organise our thinking.

We'll also learn a step-by-step approach to using that framework to add actual value in the business, and to improve the way that Finance adds value.

There are also examples of the framework and approach in action, and a whole module and workbook to help you apply the concepts.

The aim is to stop being vague, and to give you the “how” for Finance value-adding and performance-driving.

How will this course benefit you?

The concepts shared in the Drive! online course will revolutionise your thinking about Finance and about business in general.

Haven’t you always wanted to be able do value-adding in Finance, but never knew there was a “how”?

Perhaps you thought it was a rather random case of having the right conversations at the right time with the right people, based on your “insight”, which is better than analysis or information!

Having  a system - a framework, methodology and approach - will give you a coherent way of thinking about how to consistently add value in every different situation you encounter in your work with the business.

That in turn can make you the one that your non-Finance colleagues will always want to talk to.

That gives you the credibility and the ability to consistently go into any business and improve its performance, even whilst working within Finance.

And that makes you great CFO material, surely?!

Course content

1. It's all about performance management

The principles of adding value from Finance

Introducing the BPM Wheel framework and an approach for using it effectively to drive performance

Including webinar recording, How the CFO can be head coach in the business

2. Building good performance management processes

A discussion of 'what good looks like' for each of the performance management processes in the BPM Wheel framework

A look at what can be done to improve each element of business performance management, and how Finance could help

3. Cohesive performance management processes

Thinking through how the elements of business performance management fit together to make a cohesive system

How Finance can play a part in making performance management more cohesive

4. Rethinking Finance Transformation

Working through how these concepts can be used to shape a Finance Transformation strategy that focuses on adding value in the business and not just reducing the cost of Finance

5. BPM in everyday Finance work

A worked example of how the methodology described in the course can be applied in the everyday work of Finance business partnering

Course delivery

4.5 hours video training

50-page workbook

165-page course guide

Access to exclusive Student Community Facebook Group

"Good explanation for business colleagues"

"Not only great if you want to think about what you can do to improve your value-add, but also a great frame to explain to your business colleagues when they challenge you on the role of Finance."

- Anon (Course review)

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A message from Andy Burrows - CEO and Founder of Supercharged Finance:

I qualified as a chartered accountant in the UK, and I've worked for more than 20 years in a variety of businesses of different sizes and in different sectors.

Now I write about Finance and Accounting, and provide online learning material, to help Finance people become better at helping the businesses they work for.

The framework and reasoning in this online course was the product of some intense thinking that I did a few years ago.

It arose because I had to justify the money a business has to pay for a CFO and Finance team. Surely you'd only pay for a CFO if they help you make more money?

Where does the value of Finance (and the CFO) come from?

Well, it's not in crunching numbers and churning out tax returns, primarily. It's in their ability to drive and improve the performance of the business. And that's what investors expect of the CFO.

Andy Burrows

"The Purpose-Driven CFO"

Regularly involved in discussions and groups on LinkedIn
Guest mentor on The Strength in the Numbers Show
Expert contributor to CFO.University, Generation CFO and Business Partnering Institute blogs

"Impactful leadership"

"I have been in [this business] for three years now and have met very few leaders who have made an impact in our Finance community. Andy is one of those few."

- Ramanath Pai, CFO Ipsos India

"Understanding the value of business-focused Finance"

"[Andy] understands the value of commercially-focused Finance and the benefits that brings to a business..."

- Raymond Holt, CEO, Agnentis Partners and former Finance Director, Odgers Ray & Bernston

This course is for you if....

You're working as a Financial Analyst or Finance Manager, or even as a VP of Finance, Head of Finance, Financial Controller or CFO, and...

... you want to develop your ability to influence and support the performance of the businesses you work for.

This course is NOT for you if...

You just want to continue to crank the handle and churn out reports for the rest of your career, or you’re convinced that Finance value-adding is "just a fairy tale”, or if you think that the place of Finance is to stay in the back office quietly providing numbers.




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Frequently Asked Questions

This online course will satisfy the Continuing Professional Development requirements of many accountancy institutes and associations. However, you may have to seek advice from yours if you're unsure. We don't supply certificates of completion. And we don't get a verified number of hours by an independent organisation

The course material explores and extends the concepts found in much of material on the Supercharged Finance blog and the short guide, How Finance Can Drive Business Performance.

However, please also rest assured in our 30-day "any reason" money back policy. We will refund your money and cancel your enrolment for any reason if you contact us within 30 days of enrolment. But, of course, if you do ask for a refund, ideally we'd like some feedback explaining your decision so that we can improve the course for the future.

We have a 30-day money back policy. We will refund your money and cancel your enrolment for any reason if you contact us and simply ask within 30 days of enrolment.

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