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How to Build a Solid Business Case is an online course from experienced projects Finance partner, Andy Burrows, to enable you to create value-based, benefits-driven business cases, and to write convincing, professional business case documents


A course for Finance managers

If you support business projects as a Finance business partner, you're in the right place!

Have you ever been asked to help put together a project business case, or to review a business case, but you don't know really whether you’re doing it right?

I was a bit like that once upon a time.

And I know it’s not uncommon, judging by the number of businesses I come across with no standards for project business cases, and no training for people writing/reviewing them!

Andy Burrows

I qualified as a chartered accountant before moving into a business Finance role, and have dealt with many projects in my time.

At one stage I was supporting a business area in a very large group, and regularly talking to project managers and sponsors about project business cases.

The great thing was that this was a top class business, and I learned some ‘best practice’, especially around projects and business cases. In fact, I was involved in rolling out a new business case process, and in training up both Finance business partners and project managers.

And I’ve taken that, along with more recent learning from actually managing projects and becoming a PRINCE2 practitioner...

... and I've refined a unique purpose-driven methodology that is aimed at keeping projects focused on their value-adding objectives – not just at the initial approval, but throughout the project lifecycle.

You see, writing a project business case is not a matter of just putting the right words on the page to convince those with the authority to approve.

What we really need is an approach which goes further than weasel words, and creates some discipline in building a business case that actually proves a project makes sense

… And wouldn’t it be great if that approach also produced a business case that helped to make the project more successful, through focusing on what really matters?

Come to think of it, what does really matter?

What really matters is that your project delivers an improvement to the performance of your business.

No one really cares how many new things or how many changes you implemented, or even how efficiently you did it. All the business owners really care about is whether those changes helped their business to perform better.

And that performance improvement sums up what we refer to as the “project benefits”. Projects should be driven by a focus on getting the benefits.

The methodology taught in this course does all those things, focusing the project on the benefits it should deliver, and making it more likely to actually achieve them.

Why is this the best approach?


Your business case will have well-defined and measurable benefits

Clear link to strategy

The connection between your project and the strategies of the business will be clear

Why, what and how

There will be clear links between why the project exists, the benefits it will bring, what the project will deliver, and how it will deliver it

Confidence in
project delivery

You will have greater confidence that your project will deliver what you want

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Included in the course

  • Ebook – The Finance Manager’s Guide to Project Business Cases
  • Video lessons – developing a benefits-driven business case, including a detailed worked example
  • Fully editable financial appraisal template
  • Fully editable non-branded business case document template
  • Video lesson – walk through explanation of templates, including instructions for completion and explanation of key concepts
  • Video lesson – distinguishing between outputs, outcomes and benefits
  • BONUS video – webinar recording: Keeping Business Change on Track
  • BIG benefit: Access to private and exclusive Student Community Group on Facebook for the ability to share and discuss questions with other students on this course and other Supercharged Finance courses

3 hours of video lessons

Learn a benefits-driven methodology as well as tips for completion of documentation

60-page eBook

The Finance Manager's Guide to Business Cases, covering: benefits-driven methodology; how to build the financial appraisal and business case document; and, how business cases should be kept alive throughout the life of a project

Professional templates

Downloadable and fully editable templates for you to adapt and use in your business, built from those used in a large respected world class group

"[Andy] understands the value of commercially focussed finance and the benefits it brings to a business…"

Ray Holt
Ray Holt, CEO Agnentis and former Finance Director, Odgers Ray & Bernston

"I have been in [this business] for 3 yrs now and have met very few leaders who made an impact in our Finance community. [Andy] is one of those few."

Ramanath Pai
CFO, Ipsos India

"Thank you again and again and again for the valuable content you are providing."

Supercharged Finance subscriber

"I have just read this article a 2nd time as it’s one of the best I’ve ever encountered through LinkedIn…. I read so many articles that seem to be placed in some sort of ideal world and here I read what I actually encounter in practice, almost like you have read my mind! Keep up the good work…"

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Incredible Value

When I was working at the place I learnt most of this stuff, we paid a consultant almost $3,000 to do a half-day workshop, helping us to develop a business case.

You can learn this benefits-focused, project-strengthening, methodology, and practically all you need to be confident writing project business cases yourself – for just $147!

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