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Six things every business must never forget

By Andy Burrows

Business Fundamentals

I’ve been thinking recently about the fact that it’s difficult to say useful things that are relevant to businesses of all sizes.

In reality the difference between small and large businesses, and the way they’re managed, are huge.

And we tend to talk about ‘small business’ as if it were one category, with solopreneur micro-businesses like mine lumped in with the £100m international group.

And ‘big business’ is a massively diverse category too.

And whilst it is difficult to give financial management advice that will suit a wide-ranging audience, every so often I think that, whether you’re in a big business or a small one, going back to the fundamental principles of business can be really helpful.

So, what are those fundamental principles of business? Well here are six things that I think ought to be drummed into every senior manager or business owner.

1 - Profit is Prime

First, your...

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